Sunday, February 27, 2011


As I write this, the boys are running wild, the man strumming his guitar fueling it all.  It's so loud in here with giggles and wild singing that I can barely hear myself think.  Yesterday, when I left for a day of retreat, I didn't know why I was going.  It never really seems that I need a break.  Now that I'm on the other side of it, hulligans running wild, I see it clearly.  I needed some quiet.  Some times with friends and time alone.

The retreat was with some friends from our church.  Older ladies, younger ladies, all of us just seeking some time away.  Time to grow closer to God.  Time to listen.  Time to just be.  It was so good.

I drove there with a good friend and it was so nice to have time to just chat without being interrupted by a child.  Between the two of us we have eight, so this is highly unusual.  I had time to sit during meals and not get up fifty times to get something for someone.  I had time to crochet without feeling like I should be cleaning something.  I got to go for a walk by myself outside!  All of this felt so luxurious, and although I honestly really love being a mother and homemaker, it was so nice to have a break just for a day.

The boys had a splendid day with papa too.  They spent time with their woodworking, had a trip to the library, and played legos with papa all afternoon.  I came home to find everyone all ready for bed and a general atmosphere of peace and happiness.  The house however, was only 57degrees!  Apparently there was some trouble with the thermostat and J hadn't time to fix it while he was watching the kids.  Ah, so he did have a little bit of the experience that I have most days of trying to juggle it all.  :)

He fixed it after a few minutes of my arrival home and we had a good night snuggling in together.  I love this little family.

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the retreat. I was sad that I couldn't make it! I hope there was lots of encouraging fellowship :)