Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Men

Recently, a lady from our town decided to give away some old books.  They had belonged to her mother who is now in her eighties.  There were two bags of them.  All from the twenties, published on "wartime" paper.  Several Alcott, a book of poetry and other books of which I had never heard.  How this woman, who I do not personally know, found me to give them to is somewhat of a mystery.  And since, I think of these delicious books as valuable treasure, I am inclined to think that somehow God's hand was in this.

Today, my Badger found Little Men.  He's read Little Women.  Back when he was six.  He loved it.  I was so glad.  Today he started this one and after reading about the Saturday night pillow fights, decided it was delicious too.  

I delight in having a boy that loves to read as much as I do.  It is such a privilege to be able to find books for him to devour.  I used to think it a burden, because finding things that were age appropriate yet still engage him, has been time consuming.  Now as he gets older, and I know him even better, I am finding more and more things that he is ready for and it is so amazing.  He is reading and thinking and his mind is being shaped by these books.  What a privilege to be part of that.

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