Friday, October 15, 2010

Learning at Home this Week

This week has been really good. We are in Week 4 of Homeschool Co-op, and the boys are loving it. The weather has been just lovely and we have been busy doing Autumnal things like raking and drinking cider and baking gingerbread. (more on that later...)

I was blessed by finding a set of science books that I had been wanting for the boys at a rummage sale! We started our first "science day" this week. We are studying light. Here the boys are discussing the properties of light and what kinds of light we see and use in our home.

We did a survey of each room of the house and checked for sources of light and where they came from...if they also were a heat source....and what color of light they were! It was really fun.
Then, in the middle of a very fine make things even better...we received an unexpected package from a dear friend.....addressed to "the Dennis kids"! Eeeeek! How exciting! The boys ripped the package open to find.....four of these! No, not the boy...the apron!
Four Star Wars aprons (totally cool!) and a package of Star Wars cookie cutters! I laughed outright when I opened them! My friend that sent these is the best! She knew that nothing would make my heart warmer than to spend an afternoon in the kitchen with my little men baking. Since the aprons arrived they have helped to peel an entire half bushel of apples for dehydrating...made an apple pie....and today we made Star Wars Gingerbread. Seriously. :)
Don't worry. No babies were injured during the photo shoot. Hen is simply crying because he thinks he should get another cookie. No Hen, I think four is enough!
Can you see them? The cookie cutters were so well designed that they turned out quite well!
Here they are in the cookie jar. I have to say there is something quite satisfying about eating a Yoda sandwich cookie....and I don't think it's because of the buttercream frosting.
Other things of note include (but are not limited to...)

Cricket has learned to paint with acrylics. He has painted his wooden shield and sword and is becoming quite accomplished with a paintbrush.

Badger has acquired the newest Redwall Book from the library and is often found snuggled upstairs somewhere devouring it. He has also learned how to make pancakes, including flipping them on the griddle.

Owl has decided to become my little kitchen helper and has learned how to use the Kitchen Aid Mixer.

And little Hen. Little Hen is getting some molars. He's kinda grumpy. He's also incredibly sweet and still talking up a storm. I wonder when I'll get used to hearing my baby say just about anything. *sigh* He's growing up so fast!

And J & I. We are here. Present. In tune. Choosing. Choosing to live every day together in love....even when things are a little crazy with the house of boys...and the farm chores...and the dirty dishes. He makes me coffee in the morning and I hear "i love you." I see him across the breakfast table and I just feel blessed. Blessed that he has given me these children, this home, his time. His love. *sigh* Life is good. Very, very good.


  1. i really really really really really want a yoda cookie. and to be totally honest, it has equal parts to do with yoda (who i LOVE) and buttercream frosting. your friend rocks. i love hearing what you are doing...if you like the book series (science), will you let us know more about it?

  2. Those cookies and aprons are awesome! I love hearing about homeschooling families, it makes my heart glad to see little minds learning together at home. God bless.