Monday, October 4, 2010

Learning Something New

I've been writing a post for the blog in my head for the past week. *sigh* But I just haven't felt very motivated to sit down and write. (not like me!) There has been so much going on. Our tenth anniversary last week. The boys learning and growing like crazy. Cider season. Yeah. I have started a post called "update" (creative, huh?) but for is a picture of something new.

Last week I got a book from the library about Crochet. I did! I am a knitter. So crochet has always seemed like....well....the dark side. Ha ha. It is sooo different than knitting. And guess what....I think it's quite fun! Oh, and my project? It's a rug! Made out of old t-shirts. Yep! So far it's about four feet across and if I can round up any more shirts it'll be even bigger. I want to make it big enough for the music room!
Want more info about how to make one? Check out my sister-in-laws blog (she gave me the idea) for a little more depth and more pictures.

I'm off to dig through J's things. He must have more t-shirts. :) G'night.


  1. this is fab! I have a good mind to go out and get a whopper crochet hook and try my hand at it! I LOVE to crochet, but i still have quite a soft spot for knitting :)
    Your rug project looks awesome. Im in awe and inspired!

  2. i am very impressed with your rug. :)

  3. Nice rug! Does Joel know your raiding his dresser? ;) I admit to giving up a few choice relics for various rug projects in this house. Eliza is doing one!

  4. reba! i love it! good job!!!

  5. that looks so wonderful!!! i've put mine down for a while - time to FINISH!