Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Bushel

Today we brought home a bushel of apples grown by a local man that we recently met. He has a rather large orchard and gardens and sells all sorts of local produce. He also happens to know how to talk to little boys. And his ears perked right up when Cricket showed him the arrowhead he recently dug up from the quarry. When we saw him this weekend he promised to bring along with the apples, a huge spearhead that he dug up on the farm when he was digging for a fence. The boys were soooo excited! And surprise!.....He brought two actually. Both of them were about four inches long and so beautiful. One of them was still quite sharp. It was awesome. The boys were delighted! And I was delighted to bring home this.

It seems like they are all different colors? Well, yes! There are 8 different kinds in there! Cool, huh? I put them on my porch and it smells just heavenly when you walk in the front door. Can you hear me sighing with contentment? I just looooove apple season.
Am I the only one that thinks that the curly peels are so pretty when they lay all coiled up like that? Warm pie for after supper on this busy night. Autumn is my favorite season for sure.

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