Friday, March 22, 2013


We have added to our was awhile ago actually.  Late last summer, I think.  One of the boys had wanted a pet mouse for several years.  Ever since he read the Redwall series (by Brian Jacques) when he was five he's been in love with mice.  I've been trying to wait it out, but then this fall when he mentioned it yet again, I was ready to think about it.  So off to the pet store we went, just for some information (hmm mmm, riiiiight) and home we came with two dumbo rats.  They were babies then.  Adorable as can be, and apparently much more social than mice, who really do not like to be held.  And the truth is, we just love them!  They are so cute and sociable and the boys are doing a really good job of cleaning out their cage and feeding and watering them. 
 Boy #3 loves them.  I was surprised at first at how brave he was with holding them.  Their quiet, busy nature seems to suit him.

 Their names?  Little Tan and Noir. (french for black)  Such good little buddies for our crew.  It is especially helpful for getting certain things math or spelling....because those kinds of things are far more fun to do with a rat in your pocket.


  1. LOL..."with a rat in your pocket". Maybe that's what we're missing! This time of the year, homeschooling gets a little...well...tired. We just bought two goldfish today (Max and ???). I don't think they'd appreciate pocket-time though.

  2. Jenny...all I can think of is Max and Ruby! Do you know those books? It's funny that you mentioned the fish because I am tempted to get out our aquarium again too....this time of year is a little strange...while we are waiting to get out in the garden and out for hikes, etc. we sometimes do strange projects!