Monday, March 11, 2013

Lego Creations

 We had a crazy end to our week last Friday, which included a head injury.  Don't worry everyone is fine now.  It was just an accident that happened while we were playing with friends in the gym and it was just a gash on the noggin.  But it did mean that Hen had to lie low for a few days, which meant that all the boys had to lie low, because that sweet little boy just has to do what his brothers are doin'!  So we got out the Legos.  And after two whole days of Legos all over the family room here's what we have.   A Star Wars Republic Drop Ship....
 It is hard to explain to you just how enormous this thing is and all of its capabilities.  It's wingspan is about two and a half feet.  It has a cockpit, opening doors for missile storage and can shoot missiles.

 Here is  close up of the front.  It can also hook up to the AT-TE Walker.  You can see how it sits on top a little in this photo.  What you can not see is how Badger designed a fully functioning latch system that runs inside the AT-TE which allows the bottom structure to accept the Drop Ship and support its weight. 
I'll admit to you that I do not really care about Legos.  (i know, i know)  But I am so very captivated when this boy of mine can make them DO things.  He has such an engineering mind, and is growing in his skills.  I know some of you will appreciate this post more than others (uncle brian?)  But I just couldn't not "mark this one down."  These kids are so extraordinary, and it should be celebrated.


  1. We finally watched Attack of the Clones last night, and now I think I may understand some of those lego ships the boys have. Still haven't seen the last movie. We'll be sure to do that before we see you next, so we're fully Star Wars literate!

  2. I have such a love-hate relationship with Legos.

    I love how they keep the kiddos busy--in such a good way--for hours! I love how the hubs will build things with the kids and has lots of fun doing it.

    I hate when I step on them (obviously). And I hate when I suck one up in the vacuum cleaner. I *always* dig it out of the bag, because what if it's Darth Vader's head or something? Some of those things are so hard to replace!

  3. I LOVE vacuuming up legos. For real. I sometimes think, "ooo I just sucked up Darth Vader's head!" My kids know this though, and it does inspire them (a bit) to pick them up. And of course I do retrieve them from the bin of yuck before they are gone forever....