Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Little Owl Turns 7!

Seven years ago, with long braids in my hair, J by my side, and our dear midwife cheering me on, I gave birth to this beautiful boy.  He was such a gorgeous baby.  He has had those dark lashes, you know, the ones you notice first thing when you met him, since he was born.  They placed him on my chest and I was in love.  I remember he immediately started scooting (all 23 inches of him!) towards my breast.  He was determined from birth!

Now...he is still the most beautiful little boy.  His determination is of the quiet sort.  He has big feelings.  If he shares them with you, I hope you realize how special that is, because he chooses these things carefully.  He has a truly soft heart and is quite clever.  (his smarts are tucked away it's not the first thing you notice)  He reminds me so much of J.  His personality.  Yet, people who knew me as a girl say he is the spitting image of me.

 Little Owl, we love you just the way you are!  You are so special to us!  And I'm so glad we get to be on this adventure with you.  I'm so glad you share your heart with me. 

 His thoughtful look.....

 His "smile for the camera" smile.....
 He was so excited for his birthday!  I actually got a photo with his true smile for a change! Voila!

 Owl is such an awesome brother.  He is fun to be around.  He is loyal.  Spunky.  Funny.  He lets Hen wrestle him.  He loves to build with his big brothers.  He loves one on one time with J or me, which he spends chatting to us about anything and everything.  He loves little A, and I think, is really quite fond of being a big brother to a little girl.  She adores him, so it makes it easier!

 His cake request this year...."Mom, I want a zebra cake!" Um...okay!  This one was made out of a giant sheet cake pan which was cut in half and stacked to make a chocolate layer cake with raspberry filling.  (well...if you're going to make might as well make it worth the effort, right?)

 Happy Birthday my boy!  We love you ever so much!


  1. Wow! Now *I* want a zebra cake, too! Outstanding work -- both on the cake, and the son :-)

  2. LOVE the zebra cake! Nice work! And Little Owl sounds like such a sweet spirited soul. We have some Ninjago fans here, too! (His shirt.)