Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Being Creative

 If you could take a snapshot of us these days it would be an action shot.  It'd be of two or more of us gathered together making something.  Faces smiling.  Right in the midst of a creative project.  Undoubtedly the background would be messy, because who can keep up with all the chores when there is glorious creativity happening!  We've been doing a lot of this....

 Actually J and I have been playing music together at our church.  It's been really great to do it together and we enjoy making music together so very much!  The little lady is totally into the guitar, and in love with her papa, so sitting in his lap with the guitar is the best thing ever as far as she's concerned.
 We've also been trying new things.  This year for Easter we dyed our eggs with onion skins.  It was really easy.  We decided to just put the onion skins (that we had been saving for a few weeks) into the pot with the eggs while they were boiling.  We drew on them first with white crayons to make some designs.  When they were done cooking they were a lovely shade of orange.
 What?  You think that doesn't look like eggs in the pot?  Well...that's because I just couldn't throw that beautiful orange water away so I added some vinegar and some yarn!  Then I let it dry and now it's a lovely shade of orange too.
 We've been making lots of sentences.  Lots.  And you can't tell in the photo but he actually thinks it's really fun.  Tons of words on cards, one sunny, soft spot on the rug and one happy boy making sentences with crazy words.  He usually makes them nonsensical because he can.  And it's fun.
 As it warms up outside I am feeling the rush of "hurry up and finish knitting everything you want to" because soon it will be planting season.  Followed by weeding season.  And then if we're lucky harvest season.  I finished making baby A some little ruffled diaper covers.  Here's one in cream wool.

 Can you see how she stands on her tippy toes?
 No, I haven't cut her hair yet.  That's just how it is.

I also finished making another bookmark.  This one is a Scottish Thistle!  For a friend of mine who is getting ready to move to Scotland.
And all of this creating leaves us feeling pretty much like this... Happy.  Filled up.  Together.

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  1. what a blast! wish i was there to play with you all!