Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baby Love

 A few more pictures of our little love.  She's starting to unfold right before our very eyes.  And she's fitting right in.  Oh, how we love her!

 Everyone has to take turns holding her of course!  She doesn't seem to mind. :)

Her first dress.  Be still my heart.

(i soooo want to write more, but my headache just doesn't like me sitting at the computer.  soon though, soon!  i think i am on the upswing.....)


  1. so precious! thank you for sharing such blessed moments!

  2. what a wonder to behold! the whole darn thing! she looks like sweet trouble.... just waiting to unleash her smile on those big brothers! they will be putty in her hands, hahah the loving protection of them all! can't wait to meet her and the family anew! big love to all!

  3. she's beautiful! and yup, she looks like one of yours!!! i hope you get to feeling better soon.