Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 22

 Blackberry Cane
 The girls out enjoying this unseasonably warm weather.

 The apple trees trying to blossom.  Did I mention it's March?
 Pears in bud.
 Currants in bud.  (really unusual for them to bud at the same time as the fruit trees)
 Daffodils flowering about 6 weeks early.
A close up of the vinca vine in our woodland garden.


  1. hurray for an early spring!I hope it doesnt mean an overwhelmingly hot summer!

    1. Yes! Part of me is really enjoying the beautiful weather and how much fun it is to be outside with my crew. :) But part of me is really wondering how it will all play out. The farmer in me is hoping the fruit trees and strawberries will be okay! I'm glad I am not in charge of the weather. :)

  2. Enjoying all those wonderful pictures!!
    Do you sell your eggs?